All God’s Children Documentary (online release trailer)

Mamou Alliance Academy, run by the Christian and Missionary Alliance, was the first Protestant mission boarding school to be investigated for child abuse.  All God’s Children tells the story of this abuse through the eyes of three missionary families whose children attended Mamou.  If you haven’t had a chance to see a screening of this documentary, or can’t seem to get around to purchasing  your own copy, you are in luck!  Starting May 19 you can view the full documentary on You Tube.  Subscribe to the GHWP (Good Hard Working People) You Tube channel which is hosting the film.  To find out more about this documentary,  visit their website, or read a press release at the following link:  All God’s Children Press Release ONLINE.


2 thoughts on “All God’s Children Documentary (online release trailer)

  1. Thanks for posting this Liz. It is a powerful documentary and gut wrenching!!!! Especially those of us who have lived through similar circumstances.

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