New Tribes Mission Lawsuit

The Orlando Sentinel reported on Monday, May 9 that a sex abuse lawsuit has been filed against New Tribes Mission.  The former MK filing the suit says she was abused from the age of 8, at a New Tribes Mission boarding school in the Philippines.  The perpetrator was sent home from the mission field in the 1990s after confessing to sexual abuse of 23 children, and resigned from the mission.  However New Tribes never reported this crime to the Philippine police, and the man has never been held criminally accountable for his actions.

The Sentinel does not name the perpetrator, however in a media alert by the law firm we learn that his name is Leslie Emory.

This is not the first time New Tribes Mission has heard of sexual abuse within their boarding school system.  Last August the GRACE organization wrapped up an investigation of the Fanda boarding school run by New Tribes in Senegal, West Africa.  They found that more than 50 MKs had been physically, sexually and/or emotionally abused at Fanda.

After the Fanda investigation, New Tribes MKs from other schools began to come forward with abuse stories and asked for investigations.  It took some pressure from MKs and a petition for New Tribes to agree to further investigations.  In February New Tribes Mission finally announced plans to open an investigation of their other schools.  The investigation will be headed up by Pat Hendrix, an independent coordinator who has previously worked on PC (USA) investigations.  You can read more about abuse in New Tribes schools at the Fanda Eagles web site.

Update on this story:  On June 8,  WAVY (NBC)  television of Chesapeake, Virginia interviewed Les Emory at his home, as well as the victim who is filing the lawsuit.  You can watch the interview here.  He admits to molesting 30 or so children while in the Philippines, but claims that all ended when he returned to the United States.  Hard to believe, and very disturbing!

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