Third Lawsuit Filed Against New Tribes Mission by an MK

Attorney Jeff Herman announced on September 28 that a third lawsuit has been filed by a New Tribes Mission MK, known in the case as Jane Doe 25. Jane was allegedly abused between the ages of six and eight by her dorm Dad and Bible study teacher, David Brooks.

In the GRACE investigation of New Tribes Mission which was completed in August of 2010, David Brooks was the most extensively reported perpetrator of child sexual abuse against MKs attending the Fanda boarding school. The actual Complaint document filed by Jane Doe 25 has been posted on the Fanda Eagles MK Forum under the thread Lawsuits filed against NTM.

This is the third lawsuit filed against New Tribes for cases involving sexual abuse. The first was filed on May 9, 2011 by an MK who attended a New Tribes Mission boarding school in the Philippines. I wrote about the lawsuit in May, 2011. The perpetrator in that case was Les Emory, who admitted to molesting 30 or so children while he was a missionary in the Philippines, but was last seen living in Chesapeake, Virginia with no apparent consequences for his actions. This lawsuit has since been settled out of court according to a press release on the New Tribes Mission web site.

The second lawsuit was filed back in July of 2011 by an MK who attended Fanda boarding school, the institution that was the subject of the GRACE investigation. Here is my post telling about that lawsuit. The ongoing case is also being followed in that same thread on the Fanda Eagle MK Forum that I linked above. New Tribes has made numerous motions to dismiss, and the last word I have heard is that Jane Doe has a deposition scheduled for the end of October, which is over a year after filing the original complaint. If you are interested in following the detailed record of the case at the Seminole County Courts you can find it here.

I wonder how much money New Tribes has sunk into these court cases in the interests of hushing up the victims? If I were a New Tribes Mission supporter, I would seriously have to ask how much of my funds is being put towards this legal effort. How many more MKs are waiting in the wings to file a suit? Time will tell what effect their policy of denial will eventually have on New Tribes Mission, and what is in store for other missions who are refusing to acknowledge abuse that occurred in their schools in the past.


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