New Tribes MK Goes Public with Abuse Account

On March 26, 2014 Lori McAlister publicly told her story of abuse by Gary Earl, a New Tribes missionary. Lori is an MK who attended a New Tribes boarding school in Numonohi, Papua New Guinea. She has been writing her story in a series of posts in the forum of the Fanda Eagles blog.

In the early 1980s, when she was a ten year old living in the dorm run by Gary and Anne Earl, Lori was severely beaten by Gary Earl with a wooden board. The reason for beating a 10 year old girl until she was bloody? It was all over whether she did or did not sweep a floor, her chore for that evening. Read the details about Lori’s experiences that night and in the following years on the Fanda Eagles forum at the link above.

In February of 2006 Lori reported the abuse to New Tribes and had almost four years of correspondence with Scott Ross (lawyer) and Bing Hare. Effectively no action was taken against Gary Earl during that time. In fact it was over a year before they even confronted Earl about the abuse. During the same time frame the girls from the Fanda school reported their abuse, culminating in the GRACE investigation. The Fanda boarding school was in Senegal, so these were incidents from two different countries where New Tribes operated.

In 2013 Lori was contacted by Pii, an investigative group now being used by New Tribes. They were conducting an investigation into Gary Earl. She discovered that he had physically and sexually abused others besides her. The findings of the Pii report were not made public by New Tribes, and Gary Earl still continued to receive support through New Tribes Mission, according to an Earl family prayer letter posted on the forum.

New Tribes did eventually send a letter just to the Papua New Guinea branch of New Tribes to announce that Gary Earl had been “forced to retire” because he had violated the Child Protection Policy. However at the end of March he was still living in Papua New Guinea, at the same location where the abuse took place, and planned to stay there until May of this year.

Lori McAlister is very clear in the course of action she would like to see New Tribes take. She states “I have asked for only two things from New Tribes Mission: 1) exposure to Gary Earl’s supporters and all NTM missionaries through a statement from NTM, and 2) termination from being a New Tribes Missionary, no longer able to accept support as an NTM missionary. That’s it. It’s that simple. I don’t want money; I don’t want to see a therapist; I don’t want a retreat; I don’t want revenge; I don’t want an apology from anyone; I don’t want a meeting. I only want someone in Sanford, Florida, to write a statement that explains Gary’s termination and I want someone to click a delete button on the website. It’s easy, really.”

I want to note that there is a big difference between a missionary being terminated and a missionary retiring, even if he is being forced to retire.

New Tribes Mission continues to protect Gary Earl from even these consequences of his actions.

It has been over three years since the GRACE report revealed the shocking abuse that went on in the New Tribes Fanda boarding school. Since that time there have been at least three lawsuits filed against New Tribes by abused MKs, New Tribes missionary Les Emory confessed to assaulting girls in the Philippines, New Tribes missionary to Brazil Scott Kennell was arrested and sentenced to 58 years for pornography and sexual assault, and investigations are ongoing into abuse at several other New Tribes boarding schools. Lori’s voice joins a growing crowd of MKs who have suffered abuse at the hands of New Tribes missionaries.

Let’s weigh the lives of these MKs, and all of those abused MKs we don’t yet know about, as well as the nationals who suffered abuse by these missionaries. Is the work of New Tribes Mission worth the pain and suffering inflicted on all these individuals? New Tribes is still trying to protect their organization and keep these accounts silent. Do you still cling to your belief that this could never happen in a Christian mission where men and women profess to doing the Lord’s work? They have been infiltrated by the Enemy, and the wolves have been running rampant among the sheep and the lambs for many years. If you are still giving support of any kind to New Tribes Mission you are contributing directly to this cover-up, which protects and enables child molesters and abusers.



27 thoughts on “New Tribes MK Goes Public with Abuse Account

  1. Hi Liz
    I was an ntm missionary mom who lived at Hoskins, In 2013 i was in a ladies meeting, with a number of other missionaries where Faye shared that as a child she had been sexually abuse by a family member. She also went on to say that many years later she went on to sexually abuse a member of her own family.
    I never reported this to the leadership at hoskins, i suppose in fear of the possible reprocussions for our own family as we had been witness to another family in 2007 who were rail-roaded out of the mission by leadership after ther daughter was sexually abused.
    I just came across these posts and now we are out of the mission, i can confirm Faye confessed to these actions.
    I have seen many kids on Hoskins centre have sleep overs at the Butlers house.
    Lets not put anymore kids in harms way.
    Its time that the truth was out there.

    • I’m so confused right now. How is this person allowed in a mission organization? Was Faye ever charged for abusing her family member? Is this the abuse other comments were referring to or did she abuse someone on the field, too? Any further info helping to explain why she’s still on the field would help. I have friends who are heading to the Hoskins area and I’m concerned for the safety of their kids. Thank you.

      • There is a report of Faye abusing a child on the field, and also that New Tribes knows about that incident. How is she still allowed on the mission field indeed? I wish someone from New Tribes would come on here and explain that.

  2. A reply to Jas, we don’t see the steps needed as NTM PNG continue to glaze over issues. In 2007 there was a family that had there young teenage daughter abused by an older MK, leadership at Hoskins knew about it but did very little to help the family, it ended up that the hurt family left the field whilst the abuser remained on the field. Even to this present day I know of another Missionary lady in west New Britain PNG who has been a sexual abuser and yet they are let remain in there position to possibly re offend.
    NTM say that they are taking steps, but how does a computer child safety questionnaire for (us citizens only) or a two hour child safety class help? I realise that it is a step in the right direction. But i believe they need to have a Zero tolerance approach if they truly want to protect their children and honor The Lord

    • Agreed, Allison. An abuser with any kind of smarts can easily get through a questionnaire and take a class without raising red flags. If they see that abusers can get a pass and continue to work for the mission with few consequences, I imagine that is the mission that would attract this type of person.

      • Hi Liz
        This Margaret Ali that had been trying to get in touch is a PNG immigration officer. I had made a disclosure about Faye Butler who serves with New Tribes Mission on Bali island.
        A family member shared of the abuse in a small group about how he was abused by Faye. This abuse included Faye masturbating him.
        I was speaking to someone from their home church (Tekonsha first baptist church in royal city, Washington state) in the U.S and they told me that someone by the name of Brian Coombs from new tribes had met with their pastor Tim Hoelscher and Faye to discuss these matters. It seems that new tribes are aware of this abusive past of Faye’s.
        I think the question now has to be asked.
        Has it been passed onto the US authorities?? Have they contacted the victim or victims? Or is there yet more cover ups by new tribes like in the Gary Earl case Or Has she denied it and it has been left at that with no further investigation?????
        It seems that they are only interested in protecting the organization not past, present or even future victims.

      • Thanks for sharing that Allison, and those are all very good questions! Did the immigration officer say they would be able to do anything about it on their end? I wonder if the US immigration would do anything when she comes back into the country. Shary Hauber might have an idea how to proceed with this. She is at

        It just goes to show that there are still abusers out there, and New Tribes knows it. This woman might have many more victims who are suffering silently and thinking it only happened to them. And of course she is still on the mission field.–and-faye-butler

      • Allison have you reported Faye Butler to ICE or any other US authority? It looks like Margaret Ali needs to know that it was reported in US for her to do anything about it. Would you be able to contact me please. Working together we may be able to accomplish something. Thank you

    • Allison Grist, I would also like to be in touch with you about this recent abuse in NTM PNG. Is there a way we could connect? I am Raz, of Fanda Eagles.

  3. It’s just so wonderful that you all think that one person saying one thing is the truth and COUNTLESS others saying the opposite must be wrong! The account of Lori is partial-truth, God sees partial-truth as a lie.

    • Who are the countless others that are denying it? Even NTM agrees that the allegations are true, they just haven’t followed through with terminating Gary Earl the way their own policy states that they should.

      • It is a difficult position to weigh between allegations and legally admitted proof. In other NTM cases the abusers have NTM in check by threatening suits should they ever accuse without a legal verdict. This doesn’t mean that NTM isn’t trying to find a way to rectify the situation ethically and legally. Consider that you might not see those steps they are taking. On the flipside we see headline after headline of newly reported abuses which merits the continued pressure on NTM for responses and actions.

      • Interesting that you say New Tribes is being threatened with law suits by their own missionaries if they accuse them of abuse. Do you know of specific cases where this has happened or are you speculating that it is happening? This should be all the more reason to open up an unbiased and timely investigation (instead of the IHART one that has been dragging on for years), except that New Tribes wants to protect the reputation of the mission just as much as the individual missionaries want to protect theirs. Much easier to side with the abusers and use their threats as an excuse to not do anything.

      • I only just found this through a search result, so forgive me the delay in responding! I just wanted to say, thank you, Liz, for your post and for asking the questions you do. You’re absolutely right – NTM agrees the allegations are true; there are eye and auditory witnesses; and an independent investigative team (Pii International) determined it is a true story. I have a finger that is more swollen than another to prove it as well….I am the girl who posted about my story of abuse at the hands of Gary Earl. Nobody has disputed my report directly to me, but they are welcome to do so, and I will put them in touch with the witnesses and show them what I was given of the investigative report.

      • Thanks so much Lori for clarifying that the issue here is not WHETHER the abuse happened, but how New Tribes is handling it. Everyone, even New Tribes, agrees that this happened, and Lori has the documentation.

  4. Just recently I was made aware of the incidences going on that had been reported,investigated and prosecuted. I was an MK in a missionary boarding school in the Democratic Republic of Congo, then Congo Belge called Ecole Belle Vue in the 1950s where I witnessed incredible acts of beatings and threats of being hit with a rubber hose. I myself was raped by a Congolese native, there and this was never reported and I found out about it years later in an examination by a physician. In fact now my former MK’s are having reunions and glorifying their experiences there. No one wants to admit what went on. I am currently trying to figure out how to approach the mission about this. This was a combined school of Mennonite missions and some small faith missions. Our mission was Congo Inland Mission.. I identify so much with what is being talked about. It feels like such a relief that this is being opened up and an encouragement to me even at my age of 67. It is absolutely unbelievable what has gone on and that these predators and child abusers are still being excused by their missions. I encourage all of you in your quest to address these issues and only hope that these issues will continued to be addressed. Thank-you so much for making this available and open to many of us MK’s.

    • Ruth I am so sorry about your abuse. And even more sorry that CIM never did anything about it. I am an MK from Mali. It sadly is true that many missions covered up abuse but that never made it not a crime. Rape has been a crime for years, as well as being a sin. You would think Christians would do something about rape since it is wrong to them on two levels, legal and spiritual. Instead they cover it up which is also two level a crime and a sin.

    • Hi Ruth, Thanks for writing here about your story. I am not so familiar with Congo Inland Mission, but what you write does not surprise me at all. Especially about other MKs not wanting to admit to past abuse. It is amazing though how many out there have suffered and are still suffering. You never outgrow it. Thanks for your support. I would encourage you to contact Shary. She is with MKSafetyNet, and they can help with reporting to your mission.

  5. Thank you for helping to call attention to the problem of child abuse in a mission environment. This should never, ever happen. In any mission. But tragically, it does.

  6. Thank you for writing about this. It is just mind-boggling that a mission could continue to protect someone who did something like this. Compared to the consequences an abuser would face if properly prosecuted in the US, being fired is such a small punishment, and that even that hasn’t been done is shocking. (I mean, I know that this is par for the course, but it just stuns me every time I think about it.)

    • Every time I hear a new story I am amazed all over again at how someone could treat a child that way, and the lengths that people then go to covering it up.

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