SIM Missionary Terminated for Child Pornography in February 2015

Some parts of this post were updated on May 27, 2015.

In February of this year Jordan Root, an SIM missionary to Asia, was terminated after he admitted to watching child pornography during his time on the mission field.

Mr. Root told SIM International representatives that he was sexually attracted to pre-pubescent female children and had been viewing nude photos of children on the internet during the time of his service with SIM. Since this is a serious breach of the SIM Child Safety and Abuse Response Policy, the representatives recommended that his service with SIM be terminated. You can read a letter by Jason Hazell, the SIM International Child Safety Coordinator, regarding the dismissal of Jordan Root.

Apparently SIM did not file any criminal charges. According to a letter from The Village Church to their covenant members on May 23, SIM notified the police to see if any laws had been broken. Possibly The Village Church also notified local police. Local police brought in the FBI, but their investigation resulted in no charges being filed. Federal law prohibits the production, distribution, reception, and possession of an image of child pornography. What about viewing it online? States have their own laws and interpretations. I guess they couldn’t find enough on Jordan Root’s computer to prove he had broken any laws.

Eric Ernst, the SIM Director of Personnel, wrote to the friends and supporters of Karen and Jordan Root, explaining the situation. Jordan Root claims he did not harm any children, but we all know that even the act of viewing child pornography is harmful to children. As Mr. Ernst points out, we can’t rely on Jordan Root’s own judgement as to whether or not he has harmed anyone.

Karen Root filed for an annulment of their marriage on the grounds that Jordan misrepresented himself and induced her to marry him by fraud. The annulment was granted by the State of Texas. When Karen informed the couple’s sending church, The Village Church at Dallas Northway, of the annulment and her intention to resign from her church membership, they urged her to reconsider so that both she and Jordan could remain “under their care.” They refused to accept her resignation and began disciplinary proceedings against her, still insisting she should be under their care, as you can read in a creepy letter by TVC Pastor Matt Younger.

Again according to The Village Church, SIM gave Karen a six month leave, but then required that she reconcile with TVC before she can return to the mission field. They state that Karen withdrew her request to return to the mission field rather than submit to the counsel of SIM and TVC. Can’t blame her, when I read the persistent texts she gets from a TVC pastor even after asking them to stop. It is nothing short of stalking. I don’t know what communications she has had with SIM.

Meanwhile Jordan Root seems to be still at large, living in Texas where he is a licensed professional counselor. The Village Church has rallied around him and declared that he is repentant, minimizing the events and even doing their best to keep them quiet.

Karen Hinkley (formerly Karen Root) is asking that anyone with any knowledge of child abuse by Jordan Root come forward. Mr Root worked with young children in numerous capacities over the years, and you can find a list of this history on the Watch Keep blog.






2 thoughts on “SIM Missionary Terminated for Child Pornography in February 2015

  1. He should be in jail and shame on SIM for not having him arrested and shame on SIM for not trying to force the wife to reconcile with an abusive church.

  2. If he had been caught checking out pre-pubescent female pornography in Canada he would have gone to jail. It may have only been 9 months or so but then he would be under restrictions and have a probation officer, certainly would not be counseling.

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