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  1. Testimony of Conversion

    It is delightful for me to write a testimony of conversion for study the Word of God. I am full of thanks for receiving opportunity to study the Word of God in Philippines.

    My name is Lal Chawn Thang Bawm. I am from Bangladesh. I was born, brought and grown-up in the Christian family and I belong to the Presbyterian Church in Bangladesh (PCB). My father name is Elder Lon Cheu Bawm and he served with faithfully and diligently for whom he served until his death.

    Although I was born in the Christian family, I had never been come across to know who really is Jesus Christ in my personal life and accepting Him as my Lord and Savior. And eventually the Lord God had opened the effective door in a way to know and accept Him as my soul Savior. The Lord makes me fully realization on the deeper way how His grace and mercy that I need to rested upon my life through His unfailing love. I really thankful and grateful to God who granted all those blessings.

    In the year of 1996, I had studied in Discipleship Training School (Ywam) of Chittagong. In the month of March 1996, a revival meeting was held at Chittagong and we the DTS students were attending the revival meeting services. In that revival meeting, the speaker was Pastor, Mouris Atonally from Australia, the duration of revival meeting was two days. In the first day of the revival meeting, Pastor Mouris Atonally Preached the theme of “God so loves us” in reading the Bible John 3:16. I heard the word of God, “God so loved the world” God so loved us and I was shocked in convicting my heart by the Holy Spirit. Then the word God so loved me was ringing in my heart again and again. I prayed to the Lord God that I was a sinner forgave me oh Lord! So, I believed and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. In the second day of the revival meeting, I had applied to the Pastor Mourise Antonally for Baptism by immersion as the Lord Jesus Christ had commanded (Matt. 28:19-20). I was so happy to read the Bible. I was full of Joy in my heart. Praise the Lord!

    So, my main purpose of studying the word of God in the Philippine Theological Seminary is that after completion of the course of Theology I had godly given vision to establish the Bible School in Bangladesh. If the Bible school, there are many different kinds of people might have an opportunity to learn His Word. After completing of their courses they will preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ those who do not know yet and save the souls that going to perish.

    These many deferent tribes of peoples are unreached, and they are in need of reaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many hundreds and thousands indigenous ethnic tribal men, women and children do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as their own personal Savior. And we are extremely needed to reach Christ to these many perished and lost souls. Our age is passing by and we are in the ending age. So, we are to rush for preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and reaching Christ to the hearts of perished men, women and children who are inhabitants of the heathen land of Bandarban Hill District, Chittagong Hill tracts region in Bangladesh.
    Finally, I requested to you pray for financial supporter because of our Local church can not afford contributing fund for my study so, now I am second year of M.Div. I believed that God will answer your prayer. And if you want to contact with my senior Pastor please contact this email. and mailing address:
    Rev. Lal Zar Lawm,Bawm
    Presbyterian Church in Bangladesh,
    Bandarban, BANGLADESH.

    May God bless and make you effectual in the extension of His glorious kingdom and righteousness.

    Lal Chawm Thang Bawm
    M.Div, Philippines.

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