SIM Child Safety Ministry Team Today

Jason Hazell has been International Child Safety Coordinator at SIM since January of 2014. Mary Decker, the SIM USA Child Safety Advocate, writes about Jason on her blog.”Our International Child Safety Coordinator, based in Australia, is a former child safety professional with the government in his home area. He worked with SIM in Africa for a number of years as a Bible teacher, and we are blessed by his willingness to return to Child Safety and use his expertise to guide the process for SIM.”

Jason’s email is

Jody Hilt has been working with the Child Safety Ministry team since 2014 as well. She is a social worker with expertise in child safety, and several years of SIM experience in Ethiopia.

The team also includes the Director of Personnel, the Director of Member Care, as well as lawyers, investigators and counselors from outside SIM who are consulted as needed.

According to Mary, one of the things that the team is working on now is preparing child safety information for the SIM website so that it will be accessible to everyone. This is a good thing as the website says nothing about child safety at the time that I am writing this page.

Here is a link to Mary Decker’s blog.



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