The Impact of Abuse

When MKs from the New Tribes Mission school in Fanda, Senegal, began uncovering serious cases of abuse that had occurred at the school, the New Tribes Mission did not take their stories seriously.  Eventually an independent organization, G.R.A.C.E., was called in and did a thorough investigation.  You can read their full report at the New Tribes Mission Abuse website.

Here is what GRACE found to be the legacy of suffering for Fanda abuse victims that they interviewed:

“What impact did these forms of sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse make in the lives of the students at Fanda? The catalogue of heartbreak and pain is not short: denial, memory loss, depression, guilt, feelings of powerlessness, panic attacks, the inability to sing in church, anger, fear, distrust of adults, suicidal thoughts and actions, self-harming, eating disorders, substance abuse, sexual experimentation, sexual confusion, sexual repression, running away, turning to the occult, criminal behaviour, imprisonment and death.”

How many MKs do you know that suffer from at least two or three of these symptoms?  I know a few, including some who are unable to function and live on the verge of homelessness.  This is not just feeling sad because they were homesick growing up, or having trouble “fitting in” to their home country.  This is the effects of serious abuse that are lasting long into adulthood for a good number of MKs.

9 thoughts on “The Impact of Abuse

    • I am very grieved for you, Jesse, for all the abuse that you suffered as a child, and am also thinking of all the other kids who grew up and are still under that system. Looking at your blog I see many similarities to the boarding school system where I grew up. I hope you can find God’s peace and the justice that you are looking for.

      • Hello Liz,

        Its the same everywhere….just follow the money. I found your site when searching on the internet about foster hell abuse.
        Thank you for your solidarity. My blog is new but please feel free to join the blog. I hope the blog inspires others to come forward and speak out about the abuse they experienced or witnessed and that they too start healing. Can you give my blog a review?

  1. memory loss check
    guilt Oh God! to live ONE day without guilt … that will be Heaven
    panic attacks check
    the inability to sing in church OH! (surprise) check … thought I was the only one with this problem; had no clue it was a symptom!
    depression check
    feelings of powerlessness check
    anger check
    fear check
    distrust of adults check
    suicidal thoughts and actions check
    self-harming ~ through over eating
    I am going to add to this list … drama (over emotional). I SO want to not be over emotional and reactive. Not happening (yet). Such drama in my life the last few weeks. Ridiculous. Logically I am like … what the heck? But the emotions do seem out of control despite my efforts to “be an adult” already.

    Have to say through gifts of God … over the last number of years, some good work on many of these has been done and is on-going; although I am distressed that the panic attacks are coming back, along with feeling out of control (powerless) from unrelenting work stress that is now affecting my health, my ability to work out, and thus my life.

    • I am so sorry, Me, that you have had all of these things in your life, and that your panic attacks and stress are resurfacing now. It is a rough road and we don’t always move forward – sometimes there are huge road-blocks to get around.

      All of those things – the out of control emotions, the fear and anxiety, the panic, are from Satan whispering lies into our ears.They are at the forefront of my life as well. We have to hold onto the truth, that we are God’s children, we are beloved, and we are under God’s protection. Here is a verse that helps me a lot:

      For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. II Timothy 1:7

  2. I hope people are still coming here to find encouragement from each other. Don’t give up if you were abused. Go to other sites where survivors are fighting for organizations to acknowledge abuse. Right now a group from Prairie Bible School are in the middle of such a battle. There are over 80 who have shared their stories with Linda. You can go to their site to encourage them and also yourself, you are not alone. There is a FB site We were Prairie Bible School Kids TCK, Family, Friends and Supporters. It is a closed site but if you share your story with Linda she can accept you. It is a closed site because of the terrible abuse friends of PBI were sending to the survivors on the site.

  3. There are so many SIM MKs out there who are struggling with the impact of various types of abuse from childhoold – verbal, physical, sexual. There’s no need to wait until mission agencies take responsibility before beginning the healing journey. Some MKs are very reticent to acknowledge it themselves, but we need to step out of denial and deal with it.

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